I grew up in a neighborhood that had been eked out of prairie grasslands in North Dakota. Dramatic seasonal changes impacted all my senses, from brilliant sun sparkles on crisp drifted snow, to the soft sound of undulating prairie grasses in the evening breezes; from the bitter taste of red rhubarb plucked from our garden to the breathtakingly sharp smell of twenty below zero. I have touched the wind and felt the immensity of the sky unrestricted by all except puffy white clouds in azure summer skies and grey blue bleary smudges of winter's early evenings. There is my heart home.

I have been away from home almost three decades now. The gentler Houston winters provide grounds for lush gardens; the soft springs invite long walks and camping trips; the intensely humid summers force air conditioned hibernation from the oppressive heat; and the autumns may revive us again with the brilliant foliage of native trees if we are blessed with a cold kiss from the north. These southern charms have lodged also in my heart.

It is in the 4 seasons where I begin to see the eternal creative thought of God. Days and weeks pass by, each one revealing new aspects of God's wisdom, glory and love. I keep seeking the trails of His beauty to capture expressions of His likeness.

I present to you the places that catch my breath away and make me say, "may I be a Penny for His thoughts."